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McNaugthon & Son Nursery Largest Carnivorous Plants - Largest Sarracenia Leucophylla (Pitcher Plants) Fly Trap Plants. The Largest Carnivorous Plants Nursery specialty: Sarracenia Leucophylla (Pitcher Plants - Fly Trap Plants). Official Homepage of McNaugthon & Son Nursery Global Business, phone # 251-847-3963 (USA). McNaugthon & Son Nursery is one of the Largest Carnivorous Plants (Fly Trap Plants) farm in the Alabama & Mississippi regions. Located in the southeastern coastal area of the United States provides the ideal climate & soil for growing the rare Sarracenia leucophylla or Pitcher Plants. Most of the suitable habitat for growing Sarracenia plants are here in southern Alabama. We specialize in  growing & selling Carnivorous: Sarracenia leucophylla plants (Pitcher Plants). We are a global business.

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Sarracenia leucophylla


COMMON NAME: White Trumpet Pitcher Plant (Fly Trap).

Sarracenia leucophylla is the most eye-catching of any species belonging to the American pitcher plants. Sarracenia leucophylla is by far the most attractive to insects.  S. leucophylla is traded as growing plants and cut pitchers for the floristry trade and is considered to be one of the most beautiful of the Sarracenias. After being open only a few days, the pitchers become nearly full to the top with insects.  S. leucophylla generally contain more accumulated insects than do the pitchers of other species.

Sarracenia leucophylla has a tall, erect pitch­er which grow up to 1m tall. The ala is not very prominent except in pitchers that appear very early in the spring and in shade-grown specimens. The most striking characteristic is the white coloration of the hood, column, and upper regions of the pitcher; hence the common as well as the specific name, leucophylla, meaning white leaf. There are variations ranging from upper pitchers that are almost pure white with very discrete pale green veins dividing the white area into a mosaic pattern, to pitchers with rather heavy red veins and much red pigment suffused with purple around the white patches.

Sarracenia produce an extraordinary flower in the spring similar to an attractive orchid. They are very long lasting plant.  Quantities are limited and so we operate on a first order first served basis. Postal insurance is a good option when ordering plants.


Full sun

Wet acidic soil. No fertilize needed...they catch their own.

They feed themselves quite well. This species is a very good insect catcher and entraps hundreds of flies in their pitcher.

Flowering Season

This plant is unusual in having two

crops of pitchers; one in Spring

and another more robust, set in

late Summer/Autumn.

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The plants that we have for sale are beautiful and very healthy.  Sarracenia leucophylla plants are in great demand for floral displays, in the U.S. and Europe.

Most Sarracenia leucophylla plants are

collected  here in Alabama


Geographic Origin
Eastern North America

RANGE: The southeastern coastal plain from south­western Georgia into the western Florida panhandle and from the Mobile Bay area to just over the Mississippi line.


Mature size
Height 20 inches

Leaf attributes
Hooded pitchers that attract insects.



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